Lunch on board

The hearty lunch, lovingly prepared by our chef, includes our best local seafood products, wich ends with a selection of local cheeses and liqueurs, all comes with our wines, served by very our crew.
All day drinking water included. Other beverages, like beers, soft drinks, sodas and coffee, are available at our on board bar.

First dishes:
Malloreddus alla Campidanese (tipical Sardinian pasta)

Second dishes:
Deeply fried squids with automatic refill,
Deeply fried occhioni (Pagellus, a local fish) with automatic refill,
Deeply fried local red shrimps with automatic refill,
French fires with automatic refill,
A selection of Orgosolo Pecorino (a local half seasoned cheese).

Mineral water and Vermentino (Local white wine).
Coffe and Mirto (Local liquor).